Working in a family run business- Non family member Perspective

When working in a family business run business can be very fun. Here are the pros and Cons from an outside Perspective:


Variety of jobs to do
In a family-run business, I have a wide range of things I can do in a day. This may be, unrestricted by past qualifications or experience. As the business grows, there is a : writing blog posts, organising new collections for upload on facebook, uploading new collections to the website or even communicating with customers (Hello). I see this as a pro because it enables you to gain more skills for the future and helps with personal development.

The family vibes often expand to include non related employees because of the nature of working with others most days of the week.  This includes being involved in jokes, helping with tasks as able, take over small things (price tags) as needed.


The environment in a family run business is often more relaxed sue to everyone knowing each other well and knowing what needs to be done in order to keep the business running smoothly. On the other hand things may get chaotic at times behind the scenes, but this is all part of the fun of working in this environment.


Inter Family Politics
In many family-run I have noticed that internal power plays between family members may impact what can get done in a day. This may be because of not having all of the needed information.

This is what I (Lauren have learned whilst working in a family run business.)

Taking Care of Velvet Furniture: 

Contrary to popular opinion, velvet isn’t too laborious to maintain and keep looking new.

We recommend vacuuming your velvet furniture with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum.  

This helps remove the dust and hair that inevitably gets trapped in the soft fibres. We recommend you do this around every 2 weeks, unless it gets dusty. 

Cleaning food spills on my dining chairs is easy, we recommend you take a damp, soft cloth and wipe the spills gently away. You shouldn’t need any special cleaner, just some warm water and elbow grease.  


Taking care of Wooden Furniture: 

Dusting, Cleaning and Polishing  

Rubbing a dry cloth over a dusty, wood dining table can cause damaging surface scratches.  

use a slightly dampened, microfibre cloth and rub your table lightly in the direction of the wood grain. We recommend dusting your table weekly to keep it looking new. 

 Dry the wood immediately with a soft, dry cloth to avoid water damage. Polish your dining table with a wood polish to maintain a beautiful Shine.  

Surface Protection  

Cover your table with a tablecloth to protect its surface or use coasters and mats to protect your table from scratches, burns and stains.  

Taking Care of Glass Furniture: 

Our Top Tips for keeping glass Furniture sparkling: 

  1. Use coasters or place mats to reduce the risk of spillages and marks 
  2. Avoid putting heavy items on to the glass 
  3. Regularly use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to wipe the surface 
  4. Buff the surface with a dry microfibre cloth 
  5. Wipe the glass down with a 50-50 mix of water and white vinegar to remove smudges for a sparkling shine. 

Maintaining your Leather Furniture:

Tips and Tricks to keep your leather furniture looking like new:

Keep on top of Dust and Debris

Regularly vacuum the creases and crevices of your sofa to remove dust and debris from within the sofa and dust it with a dry microfibre cloth. This ensures your sofa is dust free and clean for everyday use.

Use cleaners designed for Leather

Do not apply products that are not made for leather furniture in an attempt to clean the furniture or remove stains because it can damage the leather or leave unsightly marks.

Having Leather cleaner in the house is always a good idea for if you do need it. Cleaning up a mess quickly can save your leather.

Eco Friendly way to clean your Leather

For those who like to avoid using a wide array of chemicals to clean your home, we usually recommend using equal parts water and white vinegar solution to gently blot any stains, then wipe the stain away gently using a microfibre cloth (only use a new cloth or make sure it’s completely clean). After this, we recommend wiping the leather down with mind soap and warm water to remove the remaining vinegar smell.

The most important thing with any stain/ potential stain is too wipe it up immediately if possible or as soon as you are able.


Maintaining your Marble Furniture:

Tips to keep your Marble Furniture looking like new:

Keep On top of Cleaning:

For spills you catch quickly, warm, soapy water is the best for the job. Just make sure to rinse well and soak up any standing water. Then make sure you thoroughly dry the surface.

Also note that for marble, acid can damage the surface so do your best to keep things like wine and lemon juice (or even cleaners that contain vinegar) away from the surface.

Getting out stains:

If you don’t catch a spill quickly, there’s hope. For most food stains, we recommend using warm soapy water, as mentioned above. If you spilled anything oil-based, like a vinaigrette, and the stain has set, gently with a liquid cleanser that contains “household detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone.”

Stubborn Stains:

Stubborn stains or those that have been left to soak in can be removed with a little white spirit or a mild bleach solution. After treatment these areas should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water to avoid watermarks or Discolouration:

NEVER use scouring pads on your marble as this can cause scratches on your furniture that will need a furniture to remove!!

Maintaining Mirrored Furniture:

Tips too keep your Mirrored Furniture sparkling:

1: Keep on top of dusting

Allowing dust to build up on your mirrored furniture is the easiest way for them to lose their shine.  You can avoid this is dusting your furniture with a soft microfibre cloth regularly. This will prevent the of dust and keep your furniture gleaming.

It is important to make sure the cloth you use is soft enough to not make scratches. This is because mirrored furniture can scratch easily. You also want to use a cloth that will not leave any lint or other residue on the surface.

2: Don’t let spills settle

A mirrored dressing table is often exposed to lotions, perfumes and makeup, which we usually recommend keeping away from mirrored furniture. We recommend this because these things usually leave stains.

When these things are unavoidable, you should be able to avoid stains by making sure no liquids come into contact with the surface and making sure the bottom of all bottles are dry. Because its unavoidable for spills to happen from time to time, quickly wipe up the spill using a slightly dampened cloth. This should prevent any permanent staining.

Make sure to dry properly as even the smallest water residue can lead to staining if left.

3: Regularly polish your mirrored furniture

Polishing your mirrored furniture is a very important task to keep them sparkling. We recommend polishing about once a week if you want to keep your furniture looking like new. Smudges, fingerprints and other marks are likely to be picked up after usage so some people may want to have a quick polish after every use.

Polishing your mirrored furniture should typically be a quick task. You’ll need is a soft cloth and some glass cleaner that is suitable for mirrors. Check the label as it should indicate whether or not your cleaner is suitable for mirrors. When cleaning, spray your cleaner onto the cloth rather than on the furniture itself before wiping down the mirrored surface. Just be sure not to leave any streaks on the mirror.

4: Check for chips and scratches

Mirrored furniture can easily  scratch and get chipped if not cared for properly. We recommend routinely checking your furniture to make sure they aren’t damaged, this can be once every 2 months. Avoiding damage in the first place is the ideal solution so here are a few tips to keep your mirrored furniture scratch and chip free by being careful where you place your mirrored furniture and avoiding high traffic areas of your home.

Be extremely careful when moving mirrored furniture as mirrored furniture is extremely delicate and can be quite heavy.

This may not be too practical but you could also try to keep small children and pets away from your mirrored furniture. Children and pets will often be attracted to the shine of mirrored furniture but are also likely to leave stains or scratches. You could keep your mirrored furniture in pet free rooms. You could also cover your mirrored furniture if necessary when children are around..

Inside the Main Shop and the Warehouse

Inside our shops can seem a little daunting with the wide array of products we have on the shop floor. This is a quick guide for the method of how we stock our furniture.

Main Shop:

Inside the main shop we try to keep collections together as much as possible to show how it may look within your home. We do this by separating the shop into sections and displaying our products so that you can visualise them properly. 


As you walk into the the main Shop through the front Door:

An example of a collection of an Italian bedroom set together, just as done in a bedroom.

An example of a collection of an Italian living room set together, just as done in a living area.

 Warehouse Shop:

Inside the Warehouse we have both an upstairs and downstairs to display our furniture into easily accessible rows. Downstairs we have a wide range of Carpets, beds and mattresses. Upstairs we have a wide range of sofas, display cabinets and dining sets.  

As you walk into the warehouse shop through the main entrance.

As you walk in the side Entrance from the main shop.

Rows of Beds (how we set out the beds in our warehouse) on the ground floor.

Rows of linoleum flooring on the ground floor of the warehouse.

Rows of linoleum flooring and carpet on the ground floor of the warehouse.

A soon as you get up the stairs to the second floor of the warehouse shop

An example of a collection of an Italian dining set, with matching sideboard and display cabinet together, just as done in a dining area.

The rows of dining sets and sofas in rows for browsing on the upper floor of the warehouse shop.


What Happens For Your Delivery?

At New Roomstyle we pride ourselves on our transparency so we would like to share our delivery process with you to ensure as much as possible that your order arrives to you in great condition.

Pre Delivery: 

First, we check the books for all of the deliveries we have booked for the day, then sort them out for morning deliveries and afternoon deliveries.   

Then, we identify the items needed for each delivery and find them in the stock room.  

Ater this, we double check each order to ensure that we have each item ordered and to ensure we get the deliveries right. Also, we put the ordered items in the van, in an order of each order being together as much as possible.  

We then ensure everything is secure to the journey before doing final checks and setting off. 

During Delivery:

Whilst on the road, the member of the delivery team in the passenger seat, checks the paperwork again for a phone number and the delivery address.  

After this, we phone you to let you know that we are on the way to deliver, we use this time to check that you are in the property for delivery and check the address. 

When we get to your house, we pull up as close as possible, whilst being mindful off others using the roads before knocking on the door and discussing where you would like your furniture placing/ which room we are assembling the product in. 


Once we have established where you would like your new item to be assembled/ placed, our delivery team will carry your item/ items into the place you have stated.  

After this, we will unbox your item and either place it in the place you would like, or assemble the piece of furniture and position it as desired. 

After this, our team checks that you are happy before thanking you for your custom and leaves your house. 

Modern VS Classic Italian Furniture

This is a question we get asked a lot in the store, so heres a breakdown of the difference between Classic Italian furniture and Modern Italian Furniture.


Classical Italian Furniture 

Classical Italian Furniture is designed with an opulent and luxurious feel due to the amount of details in motifs, craftsmanship and design in each piece. Classic Italian Pieces often have gold detailing and is often made in marble. 

Gold gilding can seem a little over the top but when classical Italian furniture the look is always rich and elegant. 


Modern Italian Furniture 

The furniture is more streamlined and less ornate, but the design and materials are just as luxurious. Modern Italian furniture favours more neural tones. These designs often have a contemporary twist with mirror or crystal detailing that is not often seen anywhere else.