What Happens For Your Delivery?

At New Roomstyle we pride ourselves on our transparency so we would like to share our delivery process with you to ensure as much as possible that your order arrives to you in great condition.

Pre Delivery: 

First, we check the books for all of the deliveries we have booked for the day, then sort them out for morning deliveries and afternoon deliveries.   

Then, we identify the items needed for each delivery and find them in the stock room.  

Ater this, we double check each order to ensure that we have each item ordered and to ensure we get the deliveries right. Also, we put the ordered items in the van, in an order of each order being together as much as possible.  

We then ensure everything is secure to the journey before doing final checks and setting off. 

During Delivery:

Whilst on the road, the member of the delivery team in the passenger seat, checks the paperwork again for a phone number and the delivery address.  

After this, we phone you to let you know that we are on the way to deliver, we use this time to check that you are in the property for delivery and check the address. 

When we get to your house, we pull up as close as possible, whilst being mindful off others using the roads before knocking on the door and discussing where you would like your furniture placing/ which room we are assembling the product in. 


Once we have established where you would like your new item to be assembled/ placed, our delivery team will carry your item/ items into the place you have stated.  

After this, we will unbox your item and either place it in the place you would like, or assemble the piece of furniture and position it as desired. 

After this, our team checks that you are happy before thanking you for your custom and leaves your house. 

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