Maintaining your Leather Furniture:

Tips and Tricks to keep your leather furniture looking like new:

Keep on top of Dust and Debris

Regularly vacuum the creases and crevices of your sofa to remove dust and debris from within the sofa and dust it with a dry microfibre cloth. This ensures your sofa is dust free and clean for everyday use.

Use cleaners designed for Leather

Do not apply products that are not made for leather furniture in an attempt to clean the furniture or remove stains because it can damage the leather or leave unsightly marks.

Having Leather cleaner in the house is always a good idea for if you do need it. Cleaning up a mess quickly can save your leather.

Eco Friendly way to clean your Leather

For those who like to avoid using a wide array of chemicals to clean your home, we usually recommend using equal parts water and white vinegar solution to gently blot any stains, then wipe the stain away gently using a microfibre cloth (only use a new cloth or make sure it’s completely clean). After this, we recommend wiping the leather down with mind soap and warm water to remove the remaining vinegar smell.

The most important thing with any stain/ potential stain is too wipe it up immediately if possible or as soon as you are able.


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