Maintaining Mirrored Furniture:

Tips too keep your Mirrored Furniture sparkling:

1: Keep on top of dusting

Allowing dust to build up on your mirrored furniture is the easiest way for them to lose their shine.  You can avoid this is dusting your furniture with a soft microfibre cloth regularly. This will prevent the of dust and keep your furniture gleaming.

It is important to make sure the cloth you use is soft enough to not make scratches. This is because mirrored furniture can scratch easily. You also want to use a cloth that will not leave any lint or other residue on the surface.

2: Don’t let spills settle

A mirrored dressing table is often exposed to lotions, perfumes and makeup, which we usually recommend keeping away from mirrored furniture. We recommend this because these things usually leave stains.

When these things are unavoidable, you should be able to avoid stains by making sure no liquids come into contact with the surface and making sure the bottom of all bottles are dry. Because its unavoidable for spills to happen from time to time, quickly wipe up the spill using a slightly dampened cloth. This should prevent any permanent staining.

Make sure to dry properly as even the smallest water residue can lead to staining if left.

3: Regularly polish your mirrored furniture

Polishing your mirrored furniture is a very important task to keep them sparkling. We recommend polishing about once a week if you want to keep your furniture looking like new. Smudges, fingerprints and other marks are likely to be picked up after usage so some people may want to have a quick polish after every use.

Polishing your mirrored furniture should typically be a quick task. You’ll need is a soft cloth and some glass cleaner that is suitable for mirrors. Check the label as it should indicate whether or not your cleaner is suitable for mirrors. When cleaning, spray your cleaner onto the cloth rather than on the furniture itself before wiping down the mirrored surface. Just be sure not to leave any streaks on the mirror.

4: Check for chips and scratches

Mirrored furniture can easily  scratch and get chipped if not cared for properly. We recommend routinely checking your furniture to make sure they aren’t damaged, this can be once every 2 months. Avoiding damage in the first place is the ideal solution so here are a few tips to keep your mirrored furniture scratch and chip free by being careful where you place your mirrored furniture and avoiding high traffic areas of your home.

Be extremely careful when moving mirrored furniture as mirrored furniture is extremely delicate and can be quite heavy.

This may not be too practical but you could also try to keep small children and pets away from your mirrored furniture. Children and pets will often be attracted to the shine of mirrored furniture but are also likely to leave stains or scratches. You could keep your mirrored furniture in pet free rooms. You could also cover your mirrored furniture if necessary when children are around..

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